What I Learnt about Life and Death during a Visit from My Friend, 48 Hours after His Death

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My boss and friend was only 55 when he died  

I had known him ever since the early 90s, when I worked for a multinational company in Milan. He was just a few years older than me. When I left the Milan company, he contacted me and asked me if I would like to work as his secretary in a small town near Cuneo, a two-hour driving distance from Milan. As a result of that move I met my husband and, when our child turned one, I resigned because I could not manage a 9 to 5 job and a baby at the same time. That is when we became friends, some 20 years ago.

I started telling him about my interest in the Afterlife

Since he was no longer my boss, I started telling him all about my trips to the Arthur Findlay College in the UK, about my interest in mediumship and above all about my out-of-body experiences, which allowed me to explore the Afterlife. He and his wife were very interested in the topic and, when in March 2014 I published my first book in Italian – now available in English, The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand – he immediately read it and was planning to buy a dozen copies for his friends.

In 2013 he was diagnosed with brain cancer

My friend had called me from a hospital in Turin one day, to tell me he had just undergone surgery and needed chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Neither of us expected he only had a couple of years to live. He was always full of energy and love for his family and was doing his very best to heal quickly.

On 24 September 2014 his secretary called me…

I was really shocked when I got the news that he had passed away the previous night. We had been in touch until May that year and he had always sounded his usual self on the phone. I expected him to be on holiday. The last thing I could imagine was that he was terminally ill by then. After I put the phone down, I mentally spoke to him and told him:

Look, this is a really bad shock. But it is not as bad as when dad died in June. If you wish to speak to me and let me know how you are doing, I am available…

That very night, before the funeral, my friend visited from the other side

I later learnt my friend had been in a coma for a few days before his transition. When he visited me that night he was the picture of health, filled with enthusiasm and wellbeing, eager to let me know how close he was to his grieving wife and children, watching over them with unspeakable love until they fell asleep.

The terminally ill are the living, not the dead

He did not need to use words to communicate with me, but his message was very clear: he was now his own self, young and healthy. It is us who fear that death may be the end that are somehow ‘terminally ill’, just a shadow of our real selves…

We should not allow regrets to wear us out…

My friend was very eager to let me know that we should not be consumed with regrets to the extent of forgetting about our real life purpose. He told me we all have one or more missions in life: whether they are of a practical or spiritual nature makes no real difference. What really counts is courage, enthusiasm and perseverance.

Then his physical home dissolved and we were in a completely different setting

Once his family had cried themselves asleep, the house disappeared and my friend and I were alone. The setting  was completely different and all of a sudden I felt very emotional. My friend was grateful to me and I was not sure why. I then realised this must have been because I could see him and was able to witness that he had survived physical death, that he was so very close to his family and healed at the same time.

His gift to me…

I fully realised how grateful he was when my friend took me to see a place where several people were gathered. I had lost my dad three months earlier and was still too upset to be able to meet him. When we got to this place, I realised that my dad was there and I was at last able to touch him and speak to him: I could now see for myself that he was alive and well. My parents had known about my boss and friend ever since I had become his secretary but they had never met him. I was very excited to be able to introduce him to my dad at last, so excited I had almost forgotten this was an otherworldly setting…

We are powerful spiritual beings with a unique and eternal personal identity

Since that day, I have met my friend on a number of occasions and he has taught me how easy it is to stay in touch, how we can change the past and daydream our future. I am hugely grateful to have a friend in spirit who continues to work with me on what really matters. In this case I suspect that his enthusiasm is the key, exactly as it was when he was physically here.


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