Here are the Powerful Things I Learnt from Experiencing Being in Time and out of Time… at the Same Time

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The experience  

This extraordinary awakening (in all senses) took place at dawn on 23 May 2008.

At the time, I worked as a full-time translator for a number of translation agencies, and I often had to catch up on my work at night. That particular night, I had gone to bed knowing I had 14 pages to translate by 7 am the next morning. In ordinary waking reality, this would have meant getting up at least four or five hours before my deadline, in the early hours of the morning. But I also had numerous other things on my mind. Earlier that evening, my car engine had almost burnt out because of a leak in the radiator. With the car broken down, I was unable to pick up my 11-year-old son from the gym. It was 7 pm and all the shops and petrol stations were closing. This and a series of other difficulties meant I had to move the translation down my list of priorities that evening.

Anyway, at around 4.30 am I was still in bed and already three hours behind schedule. I was in a twilight state of consciousness, when I started experiencing a lucid awareness of being simultaneously in time and ‘out of time’. Only an hour earlier, I am sure I would have gone mad if I had tried to get into this state of consciousness. Yet, there I was, able to hold both notions in my mind at the same time, with no effort and no urge to shift from one state to the other.

Anything I wanted to do had both not happened yet and, simultaneously, had already happened. The reason I did not need to shift from one perspective to the other was that both realities were true for me at the same time.

Lingering in this amazing state of consciousness for quite a while, I concentrated my thoughts on various situations in my life and realised that whatever goal I had in mind, it would take no effort to achieve it. This was because, in the ‘bigger time’ in which I was immersed, it had already happened. Even the 14 pages I had to translate, the thought of which would normally have made me leap out of bed in a state of panic, had already been translated and in ideal circumstances.

This extraordinary state of awareness was followed by a dream brimming with positive results, practical situations that I could see and examine in vivid detail. In each scenario it was clear to me that the way we perceive the outcome of our efforts is merely a facet of life, which can reach its full manifestation once we have learnt to apply the secret of ‘big time’. At the time, this concept was closely linked to what I had been studying for years regarding what is widely known today as the ‘law of attraction’.

The feelings and ideas that followed on that very challenging morning, and which are still with me now, were:

  1. a) It is possible to have access at any time to the ‘big time’ in which our goals have already been reached.
  2. b) I experienced a great sense of relaxation and the ability to take things easy, since no mental effort is required to achieve something that has already happened.
  3. c) I felt a renewed wave of vital energy coming from the awareness that any goal that has already been set, no matter how farfetched, has already manifested in ‘big time’, and that the small linear time we experience only exists to give us a sense of achievement.

Needless to say, my translation work flowed smoothly that morning, taking much less time than it normally would – and, happily, the agency I was working for had set my deadline well in advance of the time they actually needed it.

This was my greatest breakthrough since I had started challenging the concept of linear time.

What I learnt over the years

The crucial outcome of this experience and of the experiences it led to was that:

  • I started realising firsthand that our point of power is always NOW. This is the time we have control over our life and this is the time when we can, not only appreciate what this physical dimension is all about, but make the most of it. I also realised how and why our Higher Self is always reaping the benefits of past, present, and future times beyond linear time.
  • I understood how the notions of reincarnation and the Afterlife are distorted whenever they are viewed from a physical linear-time point of view, and that we never experience a real separation from our living and departed loved ones, not even in our darkest moments.
  • I learnt that meditation can lead to a relaxed state in which we can get glimpses of what it feels like being out of time and feel safer about the decisions we make in an expanded state of awareness.
  • Last but not least, the law of attraction now really makes sense to me, as I know it is not by ‘asking for’ something (thus acknowledging it is not here), but by ‘knowing’ that something already exists that we actually impact our lives.



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