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The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand: Three tried and tested methods to stay in touch with those who have gone before us

Looking Beyond the Fishbowl: A New Comforting Perspective on Reincarnation


Tommy Laux: I Died Three Times when I Escorted My Wife to Heaven

In 2008, 50-year old Tommy Laux was a happy and content man, with a beautiful soul partner, his wife Julie, and two beautiful and respectable children: Alicea, who was almost 20, and Raymond, who was 18.

Tommy was the president of a very successful company called TLC Woodworks, INC., a carpentry firm specializing in the production of wooden articles, including very original and unique customised items: among the customers were a number of VIPs who enjoyed being able to walk around the premises and negotiate their purchases without being harassed by reporters or fans seeking autographs. Because of their originality, Tommy and his partners had been named the “Outlaw Carpenters”. Tommy was also the co-founder of an original music band called the Smile ‘N’ Fish band and in those days the group’s studio was right next to the firm premises.

Besides being a wonderful wife and mum, Julie worked for the local school as a custodian. Every so often, she also wrote songs and sung herself.

Tommy went to school as required by law, but was not particularly interested in competing for a high grade. He recalls he failed to graduate and got a lot of Fs. He had learnt early in life the rule: lead, follow, or get out of the way. So, the easiest way in his opinion, or the path of least resistance, logically was to get out of the way! That is how he chose to become a carpenter, a master craftsman, passionate about bringing some of the otherwise dead trees back to life. «As far as I knew», he recalls «I was not competing with anyone else but myself. I was not retarded, just challenged. What I mean to say is, I constantly challenged myself. I could not understand what they meant when they said to think outside the box. I must have ditched school on that day. So lucky for me, I didn’t get a box, at least not a strong box. At this point in my life, in my opinion, that proverbial box is the human Ego».

This means Tommy was not biased by a specific line of thinking or belief system and this turned out to be a very lucky circumstance, in view of what happened to him that year.

Tommy lived with his family in Green Valley, California. On Wednesday, 16 July 2008, Tommy and Julie left with Tommy’s 2007 Harley Davidson motorcycle for a short holiday. They were to take part in a family reunion on Saturday, 19 July, at Tommy’s sister’s house in Pueblo, Colorado. On Sunday, July 20th, Tommy and Julie were on their way home and were about a half-hour away from Julie’s best friend’s house and their first leg of the trip home.

Life for them was as good as they might have possibly wished.

Tommy explains: «As we were cruising down the highway, outside of Montrose, Colorado, an old couple in a Chevy pickup truck made a left turn in front of us and we crashed. I have no recollection of the accident and impact at all».

All Tommy knows is that both he and Julie died as a result of that crash and that Julie did not make it.

What Tommy is able to report about those days comes from his out-of-body consciousness or soul’s perspective: the moment he and Julie died, he was with her in another higher dimension of consciousness.

Here is Tommy’s account:

«As a result of the crash, Julie and I both died and I escorted Julie in a journey from which, as I was to find out, she would not be returning.

It is so hard to put into words what was shown to me. After all, how does a carpenter, an “Outlaw Carpenter” (based on the way our business was named) begin to explain how he was shown a glimpse of eternity and infinity, and yes, even death? My own death, and also my soul mate’s unappealable death… or should I say, transformation of consciousness and awareness?

Despite the difficulties, I will do my best to share what happened to us beyond space and time.

As the medical staff later confirmed to me, my conditions were so serious I was not expected to survive the accident.

What I remember, on the other hand, is that I was in another higher dimension of consciousness, and perceived reality from my out-of-body or soul’s perspective, which is completely different from the human, Ego- and fear-based perspective. 

What one experiences, or what I experienced in that moment, was like my soul being removed from the human form, or human condition. My spirit/soul was more alive than ever, once I left the confining container of my body. Julie and I were back Home, and re-joined with the great Sprit, God, the Universe, or whatever labels we humans want to call it. We get so hung up on the literal words that we lose the meanings. We were now free again, out of time and space, and fully felt part of the Great Spirit, just as the spiritual Masters I was blessed to meet.

What died at that moment, along with the body, was my Ego. Before that moment I didn’t even know I had an Ego, but there it was, decomposing with my container. Julie and I were returned to the energy of Love that we were before we were born: my soul/spirit was free of all negativity, even though I was to find out it would be just for that brief moment.

All of a sudden, I had no restrictions, no fear, I was free to see whatever and whoever I wished and to go wherever I wanted. For each of my questions I instantly received an answer and found that every problem had a solution. I got the inner knowing that no problems exists on Earth that are not created by humans. Like I said, it’s hard to put into words something that most of us don’t get to return from.

I was shown not only my past fifty years of this life, but also the many ramifications, the many alternate paths my life could have taken in the past, in the present and in the future, with all their outcomes.

As to the big picture, the future I was shown was just a projection of what would happen if we continued on the path we were on. By the way, in my humble opinion, I feel the whole human species has been playing the same Ego-related game for many thousands of years.

I did not experience this “life review” as if I were watching a movie on a screen: it was like reliving it, and it all made sense. I saw every event as a beautiful dream, only more brilliant and vivid. In fact, the movie analogy comes in handy. If our lives were a movie, with our free will, we would be the writer, the director, the producer, one of the actors, and eventually the audience.

I now fully feel I have been blessed in this life in many ways. And LOVE is the greatest gift of all. After my life review, I feel we are all multidimensional beings.

About being with Julie at that time, I sense she also had the choice to stay or go back, I sense the two of us might have reached an agreement about who would come back, but the memory of this possible negotiation eludes me. There, out of space and time, I felt I was at last back Home and everything made sense anyway.

Whatever the case may be about the parts of the experience I cannot remember, it was eventually made clear to me that, even though Julie was welcome to stay, I was to come back to this earthly life to be with our children. In the light of all this and of everything making sense for me, I accepted, and the medical staff managed to get me back.

However, upon re-entering the body, I was faced with overwhelming pain and with the realization that my wife would not be returning. I simply could not stand it, I asked to be taken back and I flatlined a second time.

Once again, it is difficult for me to find the words to explain what happened when I got back to Heaven and the infusion of wisdom and deeper understanding I received in the Spirit World during the second life review. Imagine the download of a huge number of files, much more massive than the previous one, granting me first-hand knowing of the underlying reasons for so many things. It was not the sort of knowledge that comes from theoretical study, but the practical understanding that comes from first-hand experience.

I am and always have been a doubting Thomas, according to my wife, anyway. That is probably, and most likely, the reason why I found myself hard to train. I was, for the first fifty years of my life, a hard-working and subconscious machine. I questioned everything and understood nothing. I was content with all the ups and downs of life as a self-taught happy idiot.

However, here in the Spirit World I had this source of direct knowledge at my full disposal. I now had a much deeper understanding about life and death and about my role in the big picture. Like other people who have experienced an NDE, I realized how short this physical life is compared to that. So now, with more clarity and wisdom, l was asked again to return to the physical world for my children and the doctors managed to get me back again.

As I re-entered my physical body, I felt more pain than before and realized I was unable to handle, not only the pain, but the grief of all who knew my wife Julie… Even though I did not want to believe it, I understood that in particular my son Raymond, who was only eighteen at the time, would be faced with a terribly challenging loss. I realized I had been mostly spared that grief, but at the same time I might be powerless in attempting to convey my knew understanding to others, especially to those who were closer and dearer to me.

Imagine returning from a trip where you were given the solution to all the world’s problems, and you realize there are no problems that people don’t create. Once again, I felt I simply could not handle it and I flatlined for the third and final time.

The experience I had when I got back to Heaven was deeper than I could imagine. Everything made perfect sense to me…. You see, the only resistance I had to returning on the third trip back was the perceived need for Ego in humans…. In spirit we have no Ego, no conditions, no limits whatsoever. I felt I was one with the Universe and everything and that every possible scenario would ultimately make sense.

I felt the deep meaning and related responsibility involved in committing to come back to this dimension or this reality to try as I may to share and help, not only my own children, but anyone who wants and/or needs to know more about the truth and LOVE I experience beyond death. I finally realized it was worthwhile to face the pain.

Everything made sense for me now: the human Ego and Ego-system and the illusions it is nourished by (such as fear, scarcity, selfishness, hatred, guilt, the belief that nothing exists beyond our material lives, and so on) has been in place for thousands of years. From that Ego-free perspective filled with LOVE, win-win circumstances are the only ones that have a meaning and they appear easily attainable. The imminent failure of the Ego-system appears obvious from the other side, from out of space and time.

In the Spirit World we do not have an Ego and our true spiritual identity is free and eternal.

On this side, however, the Ego is unable to see itself and is terrified about any scenario involving its dissolution: here is why it constantly feels the need to fight for survival. Hence the failure of our system. It is obvious to all human beings that the system cannot and will not fix itself.  By default, the Ego in all of us, including mine, would rather not be exposed!  However, mine was brought into the light at death, and sent back to this reality to share.

Upon reawakening from my coma, I knew for sure that Julie had died (in fact, also in view of my very critical conditions, her funeral had already been held). However, it took me some time to remember my NDEs. In fact, even though I have described them here in sequence, as I flatlined three times, I had three life reviews, three increasingly deeper infusions of wisdom and two failed attempts to come back to this physical world, for me, who was out of space and time, it was one single experience.

One of the things I realized as I retrieved the memory of my trip to Heaven is that there is an open door between this dimension and what we call the Afterlife. What is even more important, I realised that that door had always been there, but only now was I consciously aware of it.

Even though I was an unpretentious and straightforward person, my choice not to graduate and continue with my studies had somehow protected me from many preconceived ideas; even though I realised my shortcomings, I deemed myself lucky to be free from too many prejudices my Ego could feed on.

I was a creative carpenter, I loved music and had been writing songs and poems since I was 20. I was part of a musical band. I had always had this overabundance of artistic imagination. I failed the 1st grade because they called me a daydreamer. However, there was something special about the way I did all this and I only fully appreciated it after my NDE. For instance, after the accident, I had some friends helping me clean out the garage and found a briefcase with all my writings from the last 35 years in it. One of the things that was written back then, decades before my accident, was a poem called To Suffer Death but Could Not Die, which sounds like an amazing premonition: I remember writing it, but I don’t know where it came from. That’s where most of my writing comes from: I’m just the medium, I just hold the pen and let it flow through me.

I realized that writing in my early morning, when my Ego was not awake yet, allowed this creative force to flow at its best. I realized how, by writing at that time, my spirit was out of space and time and free to genuinely express itself.

It often happens to me to write things that make perfect sense only some time “after” they have been written.

The open door I mentioned does not only have to do with inspired writing: I constantly feel Julie’s presence with me, and since 2016, when he passed, I continue to feel the presence of my son Raymond.

A few months after the accident it was suggested that I see a grief counsellor, so I made an appointment. She asked me:

“Do you dream?”

“Yea I dream, doesn’t everybody?”

“But, do you dream about the accident?”

“No, I don’t remember the accident.”

“Do you dream about Julie?” 

“I don’t know if I dream about her, but she’s here right now; if you call that a dream, then I am dreaming right now.”

It was kind of a conversation where I didn’t know how to answer. It is difficult for me to tell the difference between a memory and a dream because I find that, in depth, there is very little separation between dreams and reality».

I have asked Tommy if he could better explain how he senses his loved ones on the other side. He tells me that, even though they are invisible to his physical eyes, while awake, he clearly senses their presence. He also tells me that the most vivid perception happens in his sleep, though it is not he who seeks the connection: it simply happens. He told me that sometimes he goes to see them and sometimes they come to see him. He tells me: «It is my spirit that does it. I don’t try to control it. It is like living with one foot in the physical world and one on the other side».

I have asked Tommy whether he has a method to finetune the connection with the other side and he tells me he has a way to switch off the brain, thus shifting to a non-thinking mode, which some call meditation, some call prayer and some call daydreaming… Labels are not important. The key focus is to turn off the Ego, which feeds on and nourishes our fear of death and is unable to see itself. «Prayer is only one of the words we use to define meditation or focused thought/energy. Most of our beliefs are not accurate. The truth is LOVE. God is LOVE».

Tommy tells me that he has come back with a great awareness as to his own responsibility. He knows he has an important message to share and that he will continue doing so for the rest of his life. At the same time, he knows that whoever is on the receiving end is free to interpret and understand his words based on their own experience, education, belief system and personality. He stresses that we all have a choice: always. We all have free will regarding our existence and the way we go about our life. This also affects the way Tommy’s message will reach the recipient. He conveys his thoughts in good faith but with the awareness that these are then decoded and interpreted based on the recipient’s free will.

When I asked him (yet again) whether he and Julie had had a chance to reach an agreement as to who of the two would be coming back, he tells me he senses they both had a choice and they possibly had the opportunity to negotiate his return, but the memory eludes him.

It seems more than a coincidence that on 10 September 2001, the day before the September 11th no one will probably ever forget, a video was made of Julie singing a song she had written. The song goes “Take me Home… to Paradise” and a link to the YouTube video can be found at the end of this article.

Tommy tells me the more he hears stories of people grieving a loss, the more he realizes the blessing he had from going there and being with Julie in that journey he was so reluctant to come back from. He has taken with him the first-hand knowing that life and love are forever, which involves feeling Julie’s and Raymond’s presence always with him.

Tommy adds: «However, strong, weak, and/or neutrally connected you are to the Source of Life/the Great Spirit, at this stage of my soul’s evolution the Divine is known to me as the power of love for all beings, and not (and I must repeat NOT) the love of power over all. When I think of Heaven now, I realize that Earth is part of it… We are making hell of it, but we will evolve or at least try. Even the end of times as described in the Bible is just a projection of a new beginning, in my humble opinion.

What most terrifies the Ego is the end of its own existence. But death and the dissolution of the Ego is just a reawakening to our real self and a new beginning.

And I am feeling that right now as I write this. As I recall this experience it takes me back to that peaceful place and timeless time. Out of my mind? Yes of course, and out of my body also. I go there often when I am alone and am allowed to go deep into myself. You can call it meditation or prayer, or whatever you like. When I say “into myself” I am describing what projects me out there into the essence of the source of life. What I mean is I can see my human Ego form, struggling with my formless soul trying to bring it back into shape and into this reality. The Ego is taught to fear its own death

There is much, much more I need to write about. I will continue writing about this for the rest of my life, so that whoever wishes to listen and gain a benefit from the experience I share may do so.

Mainly, though, I was sent back to help myself, first. To learn from and then teach my little people, my two children, Alicea and Raymond. They are, after all, a reflection of their mother and me, and of course, the social engineers of society, as we know it.

This brings a tear to my eye. Not because I failed to reach my son before he died from a broken heart in 2016, but because I did.

Julie and Raymond are always with me».

I once again asked Tommy whether the opportunity of being “with” Julie at the time of her transition, having taken her Home, having felt how it felt to be both part of the Divine means, even though he was not allowed to stay, has made a difference in his life, and Tommy replied: «Yes, the being with her has never gone away. Once you go through the door to the other side it remains open as it always has been. Like it is with God: there is no separation from that love that we humans don’t create».

© Tommy Joe Laux – All rights reserved.


Mr Tommy Joe Laux is the author of the soon to be published book EGONOMICS 101: The Awakening Has Begun… Within or Without You. You may contact him at His Facebook account is At the time he had his NDE he was the President of TLC Woodworks, INC., a very successful carpentry firm presented in this reality video trailer, which was shot in 2008, the very year he had the accident:

Tommy is also the co-founder of an original music band called the Smile ‘N’ Fish band. Here is a link to the 10 September 2001 video featuring Julie Laux as she sings the song “Take me Home”:

Vicky Short: My Near-Death Experience

My name is Vicky Short and I live in Colorado (USA).

In 1998 a month before my 28th birthday, I was diagnosed with type 1, insulin-dependent diabetes. Learning to control and balance my blood sugar levels with injecting insulin, managing what I eat, and exercising has never been easy as every little change has an effect on either raising or lowering my levels.

One night in 2004 as I was going to bed, I had no idea that my blood sugar would be dropping dangerously low. It was around 10 pm that I went to bed. My kids were already sleeping in their rooms and my husband was out. I remember going to bed as usual, closing my eyes, and feeling sleep take over. The next thing I knew I floated out of my body. I was accustomed to having OBEs so at first I didn’t realize this was a near-death experience. I was instantly awake and I remember the feeling of leaving my body. My first thought was, “I’m having an out-of-body experience!!” The clarity of thoughts, emotions, and awareness was astounding and energizing. I felt amazing and so very excited.

I remember hovering supine over my physical body for several moments, reveling in how wonderful this feeling was to be out of my physical body. There were no other thoughts in my mind.

Then something caught my attention out of the corner of my eyes, just to my right and slightly above me. I turned and looked up at it. It was a beautiful bright light. It was truly the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. I can’t imagine anything more perfect and beautiful. The first feeling I felt at seeing the light was how incredibly strongly I wanted to go toward it.

The light was coming into my bedroom as if through the ceiling, shining through a very bright circle of light. I had no other thoughts such as what it was, why this was happening, or how to reach that light. Just my desire of wanting it pulled me toward it. Even though I knew I was having an OBE and I was completely aware of my physical bedroom and my body below me, moving toward the light was all that mattered to me.

It was an effortless movement. I was now shooting toward the light, headfirst, arms at my side, feet below me, like a rocket. It felt like I was moving a million miles per hour. I remember thinking, “This is just like the tunnel that people who have died say they went through,” and still I had no thoughts about myself dying, no worries or wonderings about it. I was completely in the moment of my experience without thinking ahead or behind.

It really did have the appearance and feeling of being in a tunnel, which would have a 45-degree angle to it, not straight up, and I felt the feeling of walls encircling me. I couldn’t actually see any sides to the tunnel, but there was darkness around me, or perhaps the light above me was so bright that my surroundings appeared to be dark. But the light itself was always just above me at a 45-degree angle. And my head was tilted upward looking right at it. It didn’t hurt my eyes, and I never averted my gaze. I never took my eyes off the bright light, and all I could think was how much I wanted the light, how I couldn’t wait to get to the light. And happiness. I was feeling an extreme sense of happiness, joy, and excitement.

I also remember having no sense of time. I had no idea how long it was taking for me shooting through the tunnel up toward the light. It could have been 5 minutes, 5 years, or 5 hundred years. And to explain now why I think that was, I think it’s because while I was going through the tunnel I was completely only just in that moment. I think there simply was no such thing as time then, there, or in the light. Time didn’t matter or have any significance, as if it didn’t exist. I was in such a blissful state of being, that time had no meaning.

Then I was up at the top of the tunnel. I knew that where the tunnel had been was just to my right and below me, so that’s why I felt above it now. I don’t know if I was “in” the light but where I was didn’t appear that way, it just appeared normal. But then, coming toward me from my left was in intense bright light that defined itself into millions of rays of color as it came closer, stopping just next to me, and taking on the appearance of a close friend of mine who was as far as I knew still alive. His face came into view through the colored light rays, and he was smiling at me and giving me the highest, purest feeling of love. And then I noticed that I was radiating the same colored light rays of energy and love to him. I hadn’t noticed this was what I was made of until I saw it in my friend. His face looked like him but the rest of his “body” was energy made up of these beams of colors and light. I remember marveling at the beauty of it and wondering why we don’t have this many colors in the physical world.

We were communicating through thought energy, where our energy was transmitting the communication instantaneously, where hours and hours of conversation took place in moments, and I wouldn’t be able to put it into words. But one thing did stand out. He was giving me a gift. It manifested as a little tiny wrapped package that I was now holding in my hands. It was so pretty. When I looked at it in my hands my thoughts turned to thinking how pretty it was and that I couldn’t wait to open it to see what was inside. My friend lovingly laughed a little, saying that’s not the gift, this moment was the gift. His gift to me was him being here. He had heard I was here and he wanted to join me here. I didn’t really understand. I didn’t know how he knew I was here, or how he was able to be here too.

I looked out into the expansion that lay on the other side of the border on which my friend and I were standing. I was so happy here. I knew that I had been here before many times although I couldn’t remember any one particular time. It was just a feeling so familiar, like coming home. There was distinctly a border that I was standing on. The tunnel and where the light had been were to my right. My friend was to my left. Just behind me and below me was my bedroom and the physical world. The expansion before me was Everything Else. I knew that one step backward would put me back in the physical world and that one step forward would put me in the Everything Else. And I also knew that if I took that step forward it would mean not returning to my physical body, not finishing my life, and not raising my children. I remember thinking about that for a moment, and then deciding that I was ok with it. I knew that the passing of my children’s lives would only feel like about 5 minutes to me here, and then my kids would be with me. I knew without a doubt that I would see them again, that they would be here with me.

The Everything Else literally was everything. I knew that within it, that anything I could ever feel, or desire, or think of would be accessible to me there. I could do anything, see anyone, experience anything. I knew I had complete access and freedom there. I remember feeling extraordinarily happy just knowing that that expansion that lay before was all mine. It was all Me. And it went on forever. It was endless. It was the entirety of my being, and it was mine to have and to explore.

So my mind was made up. I decided to stay. Everything about this moment was so perfect. My friend greeting me here, his special gift to me, the beautiful colored rays of light and energy, and the feeling of pure unconditional love was so perfect. Knowing that I would be entering my Home with just one step was everything I wanted. I wanted nothing else but to enter my home.

My thought energy reply to my friend was, “I never want to leave.” And it was at that moment, as if I’d said something wrong, that I heard The Voice say, “Go back to the physical.”

What I call The Voice is an experience I had many times in my life of something that speaks to me like a real physical voice, giving me guidance and telling me things that I have no way of knowing. I had come to know it as one of the ways in which my psychic ability works in giving me guidance from my higher self. Here was The Voice now, here, in this place. I had no idea that anyone else was here with us until I heard it speaking.

When it spoke I was startled, and I turned to look. The sound of The Voice came from my right and slightly behind me, exactly where the entrance to the tunnel was. But I saw nothing. It’s always wonderful and incredible to hear The Voice but I was adamant that I was definitely not going back! I meant no disrespect to The Voice, who I’d always known and trusted as my Guidance, but I knew that this was my home and it just didn’t make any sense for me to go back. I felt I shouldn’t have to leave.

I turned back to my friend who was still looking at me, smiling, and beaming love energy at me. I remember thinking there was no way I was ever going to leave this place. I was here now, why go back? I had no intention of leaving. I was so happy at this moment that I couldn’t even imagine leaving.

I looked at my little gift still in my hands and I pressed it tightly to my chest. My friend gently said to me, “You can’t take it with you.”

The Voice said again, “Go back to the physical”. In that moment I realized that it wasn’t telling me what to do, it was telling me what was going to happen.

Suddenly I was being pulled backward so swiftly and with such force that there was nothing I could do to stop it. Going back wasn’t the same as being pulled toward the light. I wasn’t happy at all. I was trying to hold on to make myself stay there, to resist this force pulling me backward. All I could see was the colored light rays of my friend becoming narrower and smaller, and creating the same tunnel effect but this time the journey was nearly immediate. I felt myself thrust back into my physical body.

I was now lying in bed, still in the same supine position, lying on my back. My eyes were open. My bedroom was dark. There was no tunnel and no light. I couldn’t see my Home anymore. There was just the ceiling of my bedroom. I felt like I was going to cry, but I was so angry. I remember thinking, “That’s not fair! I didn’t want to come back! That was my home. My home. Why did you bring me there and let me see it but then make me come back? That’s not fair.” I lied there “trying” to make myself leave my body again but of course I couldn’t do it.

And then I realized my left arm was numb. I realized my blood sugar was low. I thought, “Was that what made me leave my body? Is that why they made me come back? I’ll just lie here then. I’m not going to get up and take care of my body. I’ll just lie here until I die again!” I remember feeling so angry that it was as if I were a child having a temper tantrum. But I knew it wasn’t going to work.

Why had I gone to that place? Was I meant to die? Was it an accident? Why was I sent back? Why didn’t I have a choice to stay?

When I did get out of bed and test, my blood sugar level was 63. It must have dropped low enough to give me this near-death experience but then must have come up enough again for me to still be alive. But is that what sent me back to my body? Or was it the being of The Voice that made me come back? And who is The Voice?

To this day of course I still have no idea why I wasn’t allowed to stay or why I was sent back. But as time went on from that experience I do remember feeling grateful for still being alive, still getting to be with my children. I eventually divorced my husband after having a traumatic and difficult marriage but life improved, and there have been many times where I’ve consciously given thanks for being sent back because I would have missed so much, not only so many life experiences but also so much of my own spiritual growth. I’m definitely happy that I came back.

And in thinking about it now, I’m also happy that I have full memory of my experience there. I really do believe that I have had several trips there but never not crossed the border. I can’t remember them. Maybe they were accidents, or maybe they were anomalies because I’ve had so many out-of-body experiences throughout my life. And because my friend (who to this day is still physically alive) was able to be there in spirit with me on that border, it also proves to me that I must have visited there before. We must be able to! Him coming there by choice, to greet me, as a gift to me…this is something so meaningful yet I’m sure I still don’t fully understand its implications. I did tell my friend about it but he had no memory of it. He believed me and he wished he could remember.

Part of me wishes I had all the answers but it’s also ok that I don’t, because knowing what I know now due to my NDE gives me so much comfort. All those questions I have are just curiosities.

What’s really important is that my Home is going to be there when I really do die and leave this physical place for good. And now I know that The Voice who has always guided me and given me advice about things I couldn’t possibly know is still there guiding me in the afterlife. Since this experience I’ve had many experiences of visits from loved ones who had died, so I know that we will always be connected with our loved ones. I imagine that if I had taken a step forward off the border that my deceased loved ones would have been there waiting for me. If it had really been my time to die they would have been there.

Because The Voice of my Guidance has always known what’s best for me, and because it told me, “Go back to the physical”, I know that I can feel comfort in trusting that that was what was best for me. Even though I’ve already made peace within myself about having been forced to come back, it’s still so very comforting to know and realize that my Guidance knows what’s best for me and is always looking out for me, even when I don’t know it’s there.

I will never forget how incredibly surprised I was that it was there. I had no knowledge it was there, not until it spoke and wanted me to know its presence. That must mean that my Guidance is always here with me, even when I can’t perceive it! I think that is one of the most reassuring and amazing things about this experience. We really are never alone!

You may contact Mrs Short, author of the memoir Persephone’s Journey at Vicky is the author of the blog: Her Facebook Page is and her Facebook account is Vicky Short is the administrator and global moderator of the forums related to the website Afterlife Knowledge created by Bruce Moen (1948 – 2017). Read more about Vicky by joining the Afterlife Knowledge forums.

What I Learnt about Life and Death during a Visit from My Friend, 48 Hours after His Death


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My boss and friend was only 55 when he died  

I had known him ever since the early 90s, when I worked for a multinational company in Milan. He was just a few years older than me. When I left the Milan company, he contacted me and asked me if I would like to work as his secretary in a small town near Cuneo, a two-hour driving distance from Milan. As a result of that move I met my husband and, when our child turned one, I resigned because I could not manage a 9 to 5 job and a baby at the same time. That is when we became friends, some 20 years ago.

I started telling him about my interest in the Afterlife

Since he was no longer my boss, I started telling him all about my trips to the Arthur Findlay College in the UK, about my interest in mediumship and above all about my out-of-body experiences, which allowed me to explore the Afterlife. He and his wife were very interested in the topic and, when in March 2014 I published my first book in Italian – now available in English, The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand – he immediately read it and was planning to buy a dozen copies for his friends.

In 2013 he was diagnosed with brain cancer

My friend had called me from a hospital in Turin one day, to tell me he had just undergone surgery and needed chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Neither of us expected he only had a couple of years to live. He was always full of energy and love for his family and was doing his very best to heal quickly.

On 24 September 2014 his secretary called me…

I was really shocked when I got the news that he had passed away the previous night. We had been in touch until May that year and he had always sounded his usual self on the phone. I expected him to be on holiday. The last thing I could imagine was that he was terminally ill by then. After I put the phone down, I mentally spoke to him and told him:

Look, this is a really bad shock. But it is not as bad as when dad died in June. If you wish to speak to me and let me know how you are doing, I am available…

That very night, before the funeral, my friend visited from the other side

I later learnt my friend had been in a coma for a few days before his transition. When he visited me that night he was the picture of health, filled with enthusiasm and wellbeing, eager to let me know how close he was to his grieving wife and children, watching over them with unspeakable love until they fell asleep.

The terminally ill are the living, not the dead

He did not need to use words to communicate with me, but his message was very clear: he was now his own self, young and healthy. It is us who fear that death may be the end that are somehow ‘terminally ill’, just a shadow of our real selves…

We should not allow regrets to wear us out…

My friend was very eager to let me know that we should not be consumed with regrets to the extent of forgetting about our real life purpose. He told me we all have one or more missions in life: whether they are of a practical or spiritual nature makes no real difference. What really counts is courage, enthusiasm and perseverance.

Then his physical home dissolved and we were in a completely different setting

Once his family had cried themselves asleep, the house disappeared and my friend and I were alone. The setting  was completely different and all of a sudden I felt very emotional. My friend was grateful to me and I was not sure why. I then realised this must have been because I could see him and was able to witness that he had survived physical death, that he was so very close to his family and healed at the same time.

His gift to me…

I fully realised how grateful he was when my friend took me to see a place where several people were gathered. I had lost my dad three months earlier and was still too upset to be able to meet him. When we got to this place, I realised that my dad was there and I was at last able to touch him and speak to him: I could now see for myself that he was alive and well. My parents had known about my boss and friend ever since I had become his secretary but they had never met him. I was very excited to be able to introduce him to my dad at last, so excited I had almost forgotten this was an otherworldly setting…

We are powerful spiritual beings with a unique and eternal personal identity

Since that day, I have met my friend on a number of occasions and he has taught me how easy it is to stay in touch, how we can change the past and daydream our future. I am hugely grateful to have a friend in spirit who continues to work with me on what really matters. In this case I suspect that his enthusiasm is the key, exactly as it was when he was physically here.


The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand and Looking Beyond the Fishbowl: A New Comforting Perspective on Reincarnation by Giulia Jeary Knap are available from and Find out more here:

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How Teaming-up with Other Afterlife Researchers Can Powerfully Trigger After-Death Communication


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Having always been curious about the Afterlife, I have spent most of my life researching it from various angles, by:

  • Reading firsthand accounts by deep-trance mediums from the 19th and early 20th century
  • Attending classes held by professional mediums
  • Interviewing people who had had near-death experiences
  • Reading books and articles by other Afterlife researchers
  • Exploring the Afterlife with the aid of meditation, lucid dreams (dreams in which we are aware that we are dreaming) and out-of-body experiences
  • Teaming up with other Afterlife researchers to obtain mutual evidence about our findings

The most moving years involving regular exchange of evidence with other researchers were those ranging from 2002 to 2012, when I was able to actively take part in an American forum with about 20 members from around the world, all with an interest in spiritual matters. It was more than a forum: we were a group of friends, although in most cases we had only met each other online and spoken on the telephone. Each of us had lost at least one person who had been dear to us in life.

The founders were David and Judy Pierce, an American couple whose lives were shattered and changed forever following the sudden loss of their precious 14-year-old daughter Lilli, due to an accident as she was crossing the road on her way back home in the late afternoon of a tragic Friday, on 12 November 1999. David and Judy are also the founders of the social movement Friends Along the Road, which has been working in the field of bereavement support ever since 1999, through the administration of dedicated message boards and Facebook groups and all sorts of activities and events designed to offer sanctuary and caring support to those in grief, a physical or virtual space where to rest and seek comfort along one’s path.

One of the many activities of this very private forum was what we called an ‘Astral Party’, a kind of virtual gathering that could last for several days. It was sometimes held around someone’s birthday, but could also be unrelated to any particular occasion. Each of us took part according to our own inclinations, be it through meditation, dreams, OBEs, and so on. After the event, we would discuss our experiences on the forum. Very often, these meetings allowed us to focus our intentions like a laser beam, which had miraculous effects.

Many people who are interested in after-death communication are put off by the idea that astral travel is not necessarily easy to achieve. Our Astral Parties were a great opportunity to find out for ourselves that out-of-body experiences are in no way essential for ADC purposes: in fact, they showed how the same piece of information can be conveyed in different ways and how apparently different accounts could lead to the same conclusions and shared evidence.

The most fascinating aspects about our Astral Parties had to do with situations in which:

  • We found we had done something on the astral plane we did not recollect but which another member of the team could describe.
  • Participants did not need to belong to the core group, as we occasionally invited drop-in guests who could not read or write in English but were nonetheless able to participate and benefit from the gathering. Of course experiences were then reported in the Astral Party thread.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • In one case I had invited an Italian friend who desperately wanted to have news about her stillborn baby. I explained to her on the phone how the astral gathering worked and simply asked her to tune into the party that night. The following morning I was amazed to hear from her something I had no recollection of. She told me that, during the night, I had been at her side, awoken her from her sleep and taught her how to have an out-of-body experience, something she successfully had even though she had never read anything about it. This had a unique effect on her, because she got firsthand evidence that we are not necessarily one with our physical bodies and are able to travel to other dimensions. Thanks to this acknowledgement, she was able to break out of the mental prison that had prevented her from hearing from her daughter in dreams and lucid dreams, as she has excitedly reported to me over the years.
  • In another case I invited an Italian friend who had just lost her 39-year old husband in a motorcycle accident. Even though her 15-year old son had had constant dream visitations by his dad since his death, she felt so devastated she only experienced nightmares. So she tuned into our gathering that night, and, as she was dozing off, she had the most striking experience I have ever heard of. She heard her deceased husband turn the front door key, walk into the flat and along the corridor up to the bathroom. After that, she heard the familiar sound of him taking a shower as he used to do at the end of a day’s work. Then she heard him walk towards the bedroom and felt him get into bed and hug her. He also spoke to her before she returned to a full waking state and found she was alone in bed. During the experience, she was fully aware that her husband was ‘dead’, yet this was an absolutely solid experience which permanently deleted the memory of the shocking sight of her husband lying motionless in a coffin.

These two stories are just an example of how teaming up with other Afterlife researchers can enhance results: they go to show how powerful these gatherings are, because of the dedication our small group could direct towards the outcome of each participant’s experience, irrespective of their individual path and circumstances. The forum in question was Lilli Pierce and the Big Trip and a number of the experiences mentioned in my books were the result of teamwork.



The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand and Looking Beyond the Fishbowl: A New Comforting Perspective on Reincarnation by Giulia Jeary Knap are available from and Find out more here:

An Extract from Looking Beyond the Fishbowl: A New Comforting Perspective on Reincarnation by Giulia Jeary Knap

The Ego and Our Real Self (continued)

…Needless to say, when interpreting the telepathic message in which the Being of Light reveals the heroic nature of incarnation, Dannion seems to suggest that a similar need to ‘progress’ exists in both the incarnate and disincarnate form. This once again raises the issue of linear time, although Dannion does not suggest that spirit guides live within it. While, admittedly, linear time is not the only yardstick available to us for measuring events, it is nevertheless part of the ‘big picture’ and, without it, certain ideas could not have come into existence. If a discarnate spirit is dealing with a recently discarnate spirit who, as in Dannion’s case, is about to go back into time, I believe the former must have shared its common purpose with the latter, covering all things, including the sensation of making progress and the notion of time.

What I want to emphasise here is the message that, while these spiritual entities appear not to ‘have the courage’ to enter the physical plane, the partnership created between those who come to this world and those who follow us from the other world is a win-win situation. It is a shared victory involving two mutually beneficial approaches, free from judgment and hierarchy.

Hence, if incarnation involves refining our personal identity in the heroic act of co-creating with God, then developing this illusory conviction of being separate from God and from each other is the inevitable guise we must wear every day during our time on the earthly plane – at least at this stage of the creative process we have apparently chosen to take part in.

This guise – the part of us that is responsible for keeping this illusion alive – is what I call the Ego or the ‘earthly self’. The Ego is a guiding voice that enables us to operate efficiently in our everyday lives. It directs us through the plethora of situations in which we find ourselves.

This guiding voice seems to be an integral part of our physical reality, with the specific purpose of keeping us soundly anchored to all that is material, even in the subtlest of ways. The main purpose of the Ego is to reinforce constantly the illusion that only the physical/material plane is real, and that everything on this plane revolves around suffering, everything is transient and time is master. Anything else is an illusion, the imagination, a hallucination, a dream, or even disease, psychiatric imbalance, dissociation or schizophrenia….


Looking Beyond the Fishbowl: A New Comforting Perspective on Reincarnation by Giulia Jeary Knap is available from Find out more here: or

An Expert Astral Traveller, Mediumship and Afterlife Researcher Reveals Why Two-Minute Meditation Sessions Can Lead to Lucid Dreaming and After-Death Communication (Part 1)


I have always been curious about the Afterlife, but when my grandma passed away in 1988 my curiosity turned into the urge to check on her and make sure she was safe. My first discovery was that dreams were a door leading to other dimensions, but, owing to my grief, I seemed to have no control over the nightmares that grief could lead to. Here is why I would like to discuss the power of lucid dreaming and how meditation can help.

A lucid dream is a dream in which we are aware that we are dreaming. On the other hand, meditation is a simple practice, usually performed by sitting in a quiet room or outdoor setting, with the aim of quietening our mind and focusing inwards. How and why are these two states linked to after-death communication?

People often report visitations by their deceased loved ones in dreams. However, in a dream in which we are aware of dreaming it is much easier to actually plan to meet our loved ones on the other side, because we are partly in charge of the experience.

Now the real question is: Why is after-death communication more easily achieved in dreams, lucid dreams and meditation?

In his essay ‘The Doors of Perception’ Aldous Huxley (1894–1963) refers to the theory of French philosopher Henri Louis Bergson (1859–1941) whereby the chief purpose of the brain, the nervous system and the sensory organs is to eliminate information rather than produce it. Here is what the essay says:

“Each person is at each moment capable of remembering all that has ever happened to him and of perceiving everything that is happening everywhere in the universe. The function of the brain and nervous system is to protect us from being overwhelmed and confused by this mass of largely useless and irrelevant knowledge, by shutting out most of what we should otherwise perceive or remember at any moment, and leaving only that very small and special selection which is likely to be practically useful.”

According to such a theory, each one of us is potentially Mind at Large. But in so far as we are animals, our business is at all costs to survive. To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funnelled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system. What comes out at the other end is a measly trickle of the kind of consciousness which will help us to stay alive on the surface of this particular planet.

Therefore, the ordinary or ‘normal’ state of consciousness is a measly trickle of concepts compared to what we are capable of knowing.

Upon physical death, this reducing valve ceases to exist. Hence, many people who have had near-death experiences report the sensation of being inundated with a universal consciousness.

There are other circumstances, however, such as the meditative state or dreams, which allow us to loosen our reducing valve and tune into the spirit world.

[The above section is quoted from my book The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand]

In order to achieve this goal, it is very important to disconnect from daily tasks or concerns that require our full and/or earthly attention (such as driving a car, cooking a meal, worrying about what so-and-so may be gossiping about and so on) and allow our reducing valve to loosen. In our case, this is not aimed at being inundated with a universal consciousness, but at shifting from our ‘ordinary’ state of consciousness to what scientists call a ‘modified’ or ‘non ordinary’ state of consciousness. Like a laser beam, we will use this opportunity to focus on something specific, such as communicating with a loved one in spirit.

Since meditation can allow us to achieve this goal, and meditation just before falling asleep can lead to lucid dreaming, I have found that this technique can really work miracles.



The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand and Looking Beyond the Fishbowl: A New Comforting Perspective on Reincarnation by Giulia Jeary Knap are available from and Find out more here:

The Three Powerful Things I Learnt about After-Death Communication from Firsthand Accounts of the Afterlife


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I have now worked as a professional translator and interpreter for over 30 years, here in Italy. In fact, ever since I was a child, everyone used to ask me to assist when English-speaking people were around, as my mum is English. Therefore, I found out from a very early age how delightful it felt to help people understand one another. I guess this is one of the reasons I have always been extremely interested in after-death communication and mediumship, as mediums too are trained to help people communicate with one another even though one of the parties involved is in the Spirit World.

From a young age, I have also always had a keen curiosity about life’s great mysteries. I remember I was around nine when I started experiencing intense episodes of déjà vu. I later ascribed these to my fascination with time travel and being able to move instantly in space or between dimensions in order to pursue my dreams. Here is why I believe that, during my teens, I started experiencing sleep paralysis, though it was only in my late  20s that I found out that this phenomenon could lead to astral travel and the possibility of actually ‘visiting’ the Afterlife and checking on departed loved ones.

I was 14 when Dr. Raymond Moody’s groundbreaking book about near-death experiences, Life after Life, was first published and this opened up for me a whole new world I wished to explore. Reading led to further reading and I was able to fuel my fascination with the idea that our lives are not merely the products of chance, but are part of a bigger plan.

The most exciting experience involving my work was acting as an interpreter for professional mediums in the ‘90s, during the Italian Week organised by the Arthur Findlay College in the UK, and other similar events. This gave me the opportunity to witness hundreds of private sittings, dozens of public demonstrations of mediumship, as well as lectures and workshops about how mediumship works. The sittings did not only provide me with moving evidence about the fact that life continues after death and professional mediums can make communication with our loved ones possible, but also offered me the delightful chance of personally contributing to these get-togethers, in my capacity as a translator.

The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted (UK)

The three most important things I learnt during those years in which I was exposed to constant firsthand evidence provided by professional mediums were:

  • Not only does life safely continue after death, but our personality is indestructible. Freed from the limitations of physical existence, those who were close to us in this physical life are even closer to us when they leave this world and their love for us increases in an immeasurable way.
  • Whereas professional mediums are specially gifted and trained to offer this evidence on behalf of third parties, everyone is able to safely stay in touch with their loved ones on the so-called ‘other side’ as we are all made of the same essence – spirit – and we are all connected beyond (that is before and after) our entry in three-dimensional space and linear time. Also the departed find it easier to stay in touch with those they love than with people they never knew.
  • Firsthand accounts about transition, after-death existence, near-death experiences and death-bed visions hugely expand our chances of connecting with our loved ones: this happens because beliefs and expectations play a key role in determining what is possible for us, as also quantum physics has at last been able to prove.

I felt an urgency to share these powerful understandings, so I wrote The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand. This book focuses on three different approaches to staying in touch – while awake, while falling asleep and while asleep. However, before tackling techniques, it addresses some very straightforward questions and doubts readers may have about what happens at the time of physical death: where we go, what we do, what sort of existence we have and how we relate to our incarnate loved ones. This information is drawn from firsthand accounts mainly coming from three different sources:

  • My own personal experiences during meditation, while falling asleep or waking up, lucid or ordinary dreaming and astral travel.
  • Mediumistic accounts about transition and life after death.
  • Near-death experiences and deathbed visions.

I have found that (especially at times of deep grief, when our whole system can be shocked out of its everyday balance and patience with ourselves is of paramount importance) reading firsthand accounts about the Afterlife can work as a powerful reminder that after-death communication is just as natural as any other form of communication.

The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand and Looking Beyond the Fishbowl: A New Comforting Perspective on Reincarnation by Giulia Jeary Knap are available from and Find out more here: and






Looking Beyond the Fishbowl: A New Comforting Perspective on Reincarnation

We do not have to be reborn — at least, not in the traditional sense

Author, astral traveller, and mediumship and Afterlife researcher Giulia Jeary Knap returns with this in-depth analysis of inspiring reports from near-death experiencers and mediumistic accounts, as well as her own out-of-body experiences, to reassure us that death does not exist.

The notion of multiple lives, so often misunderstood, cannot separate us. We are not all robots placed unwillingly in an overpowering and overcomplex system of life, death and rebirth that is beyond our control.

We never really lose the people dear to us, not even in our darkest moments. The spirit world is, in fact, our world; and we all have a mission in life, one we choose beyond space and time, which guides us every day and always, even through the circumstances and with the people that seem to cross our paths by chance.

Within this material realm, we are all like goldfish swimming in a bowl – but when we learn to look beyond the fishbowl, we will see that the temporary and apparently restrictive experience of earthly life enables us to make a brave and selfless contribution to the great spiritual design of which we are all an integral part.

If you have read this book, please take time, if you wish, to review it here:


  • whether it gave you any new ideas
  • who you would recommend it to
  • which parts, if any, you liked
  • whether you got something special from it and, if so, what it was

Thank you!

Spirit Contact – If you are Grieving the Loss of a Loved One These Tips Might Help

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Today, 2 November, is what we call All Souls’ Day and in Italy cemeteries are full of people, often travelling from distant places to pay homage to their dear departed by visiting their grave. This is one of those days in which those who have lost a loved one to physical death feel especially close to them, especially if they have been brought up to believe that what happens after death is none of our business.

So I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to share with you what I feel are the three basic steps a person grieving the loss of a loved one might find helpful to take in order to make it easier to gently reconnect with those they feel they have lost, assuming this is what they wish and feel comfortable about.

Based on my own personal experience, the biggest hindrance when we are deeply in grief is grief itself: we might find it difficult to concentrate, we might have mixed feelings ranging from pain to anger to disbelief, we might feel confused about what we were taught about the afterlife, assuming we were brought up within a religion or philosophy that contemplates the idea that life continues after death… In other words, we might actually question the whole issue of whether an Afterlife exists.

If you are a person who is grieving the loss of a loved one and would like to find a way to gently reconnect with the person you are so much missing, we also need to take into account that at this particular time you might be subconsciously fearing the idea of facing your own mortality or even subconsciously fearing that, if you investigate the topic thoroughly, you might not find enough evidence to prove that life continues after death. You may be fearing annihilation, you may be fearing that, because you do not hear from your loved ones and do not dream about them and do not feel them close to you, they might no longer exist, they might have lost their personal identity, they might have reincarnated into somebody else or they shouldn’t be disturbed.

So, if you are feeling confused at this time and would like to know more about the topic, I would like to share with you 3 tips which might ease the situation and more specifically make it easier for you to realise that death is not the end, that death is, in fact, a reawakening from an illusion, and that when we die we feel more alive than we have ever felt during this physical life and even closer than we ever did to those who were dear to us.

In other words, this blog post is dedicated to you, assuming you feel comfortable about the subject and somehow sense that spirit contact IS a possibility.

Step #1: Read first-hand accounts about how gentle death is and what the spirit world is like

Now, I believe I have spent my whole life implementing step one. First of all, I have read many, many accounts of near-death experiences, especially since 1975 when Dr Moody published his famous book Life After Life. These accounts are shared by people who, for one reason or another, have been clinically dead for a short period, ranging from a few seconds to several minutes. There are many resources where you can find accounts about after-death experiences and some of them are listed here:,;

Another source of written accounts about transition and death comes from mediums, especially deep-trance mediums, who, through automatic writing or other means, have tried to accurately report what deceased communicators explain about death and what happens when we die.

My third source of evidence comes from my 25-year experience as astral traveler: I have shared a number of accounts (on various message boards, in articles and books) about how the process of dying was explained to me, not only during out-of-body experiences (which I realise are not easy to achieve), but also in dreams and lucid dreams (that is dreams in which we are aware that we are dreaming).

In the beginning, reading these accounts felt a bit confusing, because they clashed with the fact that I had been brought up with the idea that we are not supposed to question what happens after death. Yet, for some reason, I have always been attracted by the idea of investigating the subject and, to my surprise, I found that all these accounts had many facts in common: for instance and most importantly, they all suggested that (if death comes when it is supposed to come, that is when it is not self-inflicted) it is such a gentle process that one might actually find it difficult to realise that it has happened, or to detect ‘when’ it happened exactly; the other fact I found is that, besides being a gentle process, it is also a very peaceful experience, during which one is never alone, feels constantly safe and looked after, feels a blissful sense of love and belonging as if one were at last back Home and, last but not least, one is joyfully met by relatives and loved ones who have passed on before.

Even though it may feel troubling to have one’s preconceived ideas, or lack of ideas, challenged, this step is very important, because it gradually gives you the opportunity to put yourself in your loved one’s shoes and realise that the most important thing they wish to communicate may be as trivial as ‘I’m alive!’, ‘I’m safe!’, ‘I’m well!’, I’m healed!’. I realise that most sceptics would find it ridiculous to base the belief that life continues after death on a message such as one of those I have mentioned, yet, let’s face it: if we were to die and knew that there were people in pain here trapped in the physical dimensional wondering about what happened to us and had the chance to communicate with them… what would our message be?

So, even if it takes time to go through these accounts, even if it requires a lot of patience on your side and perseverance too, at a time when you find it difficult to focus and concentrate, I highly recommend you implement this step.

As I mentioned, the key insight I can offer about the importance of implementing this step is the fact that it will enable you to put yourself in the shoes of those you wish to hear from.

Step #2: Realise that the key message at the core of all religions and near-death-experience accounts is LOVE

Now, this second step may sound very basic and elementary, yet it is crucial. In this physical dimension, it is difficult to realise that, at a spiritual level, we are not separate and that LOVE is what really makes the difference. Those who have reported a near-death experience very often point out that this is the key fact they learn about and then implement when they come back to life: this means that harming somebody else deliberately is the same as harming ourselves;  it means that gossiping about other people is the same as having other people gossiping about us (just another way of  harming ourselves); it means that feelings of anger, aggressiveness, envy, competition, jealousy, scarcity and any other form of negativity about other people will  separate us not only from the rest of the living but also from our loved ones on the other side.

Another important fact about this second step is that LOVE is the Golden Rule at the core of any religion. If religions or religious beliefs lead to separation, conflict or war, this means that they are forgetting the core divine wisdom which is at their source. Separation and competition are man-made concepts. So, once again, if we want to put ourselves in our loved ones’ shoes and get a chance to communicate with them or hear from them, it is important that we understand this key fact: that we are all bound together (the living and the so-called ‘dead’) by LOVE and we are all made of the same essence, spirit.

Why is this step important? Because, if we realise that we are all made of the same essence (spirit) and realise that separation is an illusion, it becomes natural for us to tune into the spirit dimension our loved ones are communicating from.

The top tip I can provide for this step is an exercise whereby we pretend that we already know that we are all one and that harming in any way another person is the same as harming ourselves

There are plenty of resources online about the Golden Rule. Here is just one of the many links that will provide evidence about the fact that the key message at the core of all religions is LOVE: No wonder so many near-death-experiencers come back with the knowing that all religions are equally precious.

Step #3: Believe and know that, once you understand these very basic notions about the importance of LOVE and the fact that death is a reawakening from a temporary illusion, you can awaken on this physical plane and realise our loved ones are always with us

Here comes the third step, which can only be implemented after the other two: getting to believe, finding it natural to believe that, once we understand this very basic notion that LOVE is at the core of all world religions and at the core of near-death experience accounts, we realise it is also at the core of our higher and wiser understanding that we are all made of the same essence.

This step is important because there is plenty of evidence that, if we expect something to be true, it becomes much easier for us to accomplish what it is we want to achieve. I started by using the word believing, as I typed out the heading for this step, but believing is also used as a synonym for hoping: the meaning I really wish to convey is knowing. So, when we reach the point where we know these basic things to be true, it becomes automatic for us to be able to implement the practical techniques required to understand after-death communication and the fact that it’s much easier for our loved ones to connect with those they love rather than with somebody they never knew.

The key insight involved by expecting something, knowing something, rather than simply hoping for it to happen, is that, when we reach that point, it is statistically proved that amazing things can become possible. As some of my readers know, I have been blessed with the opportunity of spontaneously, and then deliberately, experiencing about a thousand of out-of-body experiences over the last 25 years, which then led to other forms of after-death communication that can be taught and learnt: so it is easy for me to state that we can connect with our loved ones in several different ways because I know it to be true.

Nonetheless, I cannot stress enough how important it is to realise that deep grief is a hindrance in our case and that even experienced, professional, certified mediums can find it difficult to connect with their loved ones when they have recently suffered a loss. So PATIENCE is of paramount importance.

Now that I have shared these three tips with you, if you feel comfortable about step 1, 2 and 3, I’d like to offer you a gift, and that is a promotional code to obtain my book The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand at Smashwords for $ 0.99. This amount will simply cover the costs involved in making the e-book available at Smashwords and the code will be valid until 21 November.

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The author of this book does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique found in her books or articles as a form of treatment for medical problems. The intent of the author is only to help readers in their quest for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. For medical advice, readers are invited to seek professional help.


Out-of-Body Experiences


I often hear people complain that astral travel sounds so delightful and that I make it sound so easy, whereas in fact it is not. I thought I would use this post to quote from my book The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand to explain why I feel that learning to lucid dream is so much easier to achieve and is definitely my favourite method when it comes to reaching out for departed loved ones in spirit.

‘Most out-of-body experiences occur when the mind becomes conscious, either spontaneously or deliberately, while the body remains asleep.

For me, this phenomenon began spontaneously in my teens, at least 15 years before I fully understood what it meant. I would be asleep, when my mind would suddenly wake up and I could not control my physical body. This happened whenever I stayed up late studying, or if I fell asleep exhausted for an hour or so in the afternoon – in other words, when my body was particularly tired, but my mind was still alert or overstimulated.

Like me, many students and athletes have reported the experience of ‘waking up’ in a paralysed body; or of being unable to open their eyelids, while hearing a buzzing sound or feeling a strong vibration in their heads; or of trying to shout out, but being incapable of uttering the merest whisper. Needless to say, it is an unpleasant sensation.

I recently learnt that this apparent anomaly – the early stage of which is known as ‘sleep paralysis’ – is due to the muscles in the body ‘turning off’ during REM sleep. If we did not experience this ‘atony’, or functional paralysis of the muscles, our bodies would physically react to whatever we do or see in our dreams, which could be dangerous for us.

Thus, if the mind is alert, while the body is still asleep, you may experience the unpleasant sensation of being prisoner to your paralysed body. This is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety, fear or terror. However, objectively speaking, it is usually a brief experience.

As a teenager, having ruled out the possibility of any serious illness and resigning myself to these episodes, I devised a way out of the situation, by waking my body. I would imagine myself doing something that required intense concentration, such as two completely different movements with my hands – for instance, making a circle with one, while moving the other up and down – and this would be enough to wake my body.

These episodes of nocturnal paralysis continued for many years, until I discovered they were really a doorway to another world.

I was 29 and under a great deal of stress. I had recently been promoted and moved to the Milan branch of the company I worked for, but I had not found a place to rent, so I was still living in a hotel after four long months. One night, around midnight, I grew drowsy, when I felt the familiar sensation of heaviness in my limbs and the buzzing sound in my head. Only, this time, instead of struggling against my paralysed body, I was amazed to find that my hands and arms were ‘flying away’, detached from my real arms.

In shock, I instinctively pulled them down and woke up completely, physically as well as mentally. What had happened? Had I gone mad?

I had previously read that when the mind is awake in a sleeping body – a state referred to as ‘mind awake, body asleep’ – our consciousness is free to leave the body and move on other planes, in other dimensions. Those who are familiar with this subject generally talk of the ‘astral plane’, on which we move with this second, more subtle body, similarly called the ‘astral body’.

With this in mind, I soon realised that my physical limbs must have been paralysed as usual, and my consciousness (which had stayed awake and lucid enough to record the episode) had witnessed my ‘other arms’ flying away, i.e. the arms belonging to my astral body.

According to researchers, everyone and everything exists both in the physical and the astral dimensions. The astral aspect of the self is somewhat independent of the physical aspect. It changes and moves very fluidly and with great ease according to our thoughts, and sometimes ‘operates’ autonomously even when we are awake. For example, on more than one occasion, during a boring conference that made me feel drowsy, I have seen the astral forms of certain members of the audience move, turn, look around, look at the people next to them, while their physical counterparts sat practically still, listening to the speaker. Sometimes, while on the verge of sleep, I have seen my husband wander around the house, doing odd jobs, while his physical counterpart was tens of miles away.

This is what is called the ‘astral body’. It is a body that is not bound by the laws of space and time, is free to do the things that we only daydream about and, during an out-of-body experience, is as solid and tangible as a discarnate spirit, enabling us to touch and speak to our loved ones in the Afterlife.

Later in life I discovered that, when the physical body was asleep and the mind was awake, I could walk or fly with my astral body in the astral version of my bedroom or of the rest of the house. I could fly about the neighbourhood, reach distant places in no time and meet other people who were awake or asleep, wandering about in their astral bodies. I could even temporarily ‘cross over’, meet the deceased and visit where they reside. I have also seen special reception areas designed for such meetings with the deceased, and have found that it is possible to move in time and meet future or past versions of my loved ones.

In those early weeks and months following my first experience on the astral plane, I discovered that, when the mind wakes up and the body is still asleep, the body is no longer a barrier; it is no longer solid, but yielding and porous, composed of an energy that could easily be passed through. Not only was I able to leave that body, but I could push my astral hands through it. Likewise, I could sink through the mattress or pass through walls, sometimes feeling a faint vibration or tingle. I could float up to the ceiling like a balloon, or drift down to within a few inches of the floor.

I could also look at myself in the mirror and see my astral body reflected back at me. This soon became a habit I have continued to this day. Since the idea of looking at my body asleep in bed repulsed me – even though I had no issue with touching it, and even enjoyed listening to the rhythmic sound of my breathing – I found that looking at my astral body in the mirror was a daunting task. Furthermore, over the years, I have discovered that it gives me a much more accurate idea of my deeper emotional state than my physical body reveals.

For example, during the period of these early experiments with astral travel, I was a rather solitary person. I lived about 25 miles from my workplace and had no friends in town. I also had trouble adjusting to my move from Piedmont; so, despite being happy with my work, I was not quite what you would call a happy person.

The first few times I faced my astral body in the mirror, I was surprised to see that, while my physical body appeared attractive and well-presented, my hair swept up and my face framed with a different pair of earrings each day, my astral body looked emaciated, bruised and covered in plasters; my hair was dishevelled (once, I even wore curlers) and my clothes were always drab or tatty. Luckily, I have long been intuitive, so I did not let these images drag down my self-esteem. Instead, I immediately realised they were projections of my sad and lonely emotional self.

Over the years, I have seen myself many times in the mirror during my out-of-body experiences. After having a child and forming a family, I watched my astral body grow younger, more beautiful and more cheerful.

A more recent example of the images I have seen in astral mirrors occurred during a period of serious illness, after I underwent months of treatment that temporarily made my hair fall out. The mirror I looked in was in a more spacious, better-lit place than my physical house, in a room specifically designed for rest and physical recovery. The image reflected back at me was that of a beautiful woman, at least ten years younger than I, with long flowing hair. Oddly, her eyes were covered in a red veneer of fear. As I gazed at her face, I realised how crucial it was to overcome my fear and be confident about the future, if I were to get better. Months later, the results of my CT scan and full medical check-up finally put my mind at ease. When I next saw myself in the mirror on the astral plane, my reflection now had two enormous green eyes bearing no traces of fear.

I would like to stress that, in addition to reflecting my own image, as well as the images of any entities around me, over the years I have found mirrors to be extremely efficient portals, taking me quickly from the astral plane to whatever ‘place’ I wish to go to, especially if it is to meet a particular person, whether alive or dead.



Alice Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carrol is the book that most probably influenced me in this regard.



For example, during an out-of-body experience in January 2009 (two years prior to the therapy that made my hair fall out), I asked to meet Master Jesus, for whom I have always had a special fondness, particularly for his love of children. I was in a colourful, beautifully scented pine grove, but at the same time – and this was particularly odd – I could see a starry sky, as if it were nighttime. Jesus was teaching in a kind of institute, but he came outside specially to meet me. He had his traditional beard and long hair, but wore modern casual clothes: jeans and a shirt with the sleeves turned up at the cuffs. Looking into my eyes, he transmitted a thought to me that came from Scripture, which would later turn out to be extremely significant: he told me he knew the number of hairs I had on my head!

To return to the night in the autumn of 1990 when my arms ‘flew away’, from that moment on, I began to read everything I could lay my hands on about astral travel. At the time, I did not have the Internet and I could not really bring up the subject with my normal circle of acquaintances without seeming ‘weird’. The first book I devoured was Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe. Numerous others followed. I read and I practised. As I was single, I could give free rein to my imagination. I spent Saturdays and Sundays alone in my flat, with the phone unplugged and the doorbell silenced, so I could explore.

Since I kept a diary of my dreams and my OBEs, I discovered an experience that is very common and quite similar to astral travel. During a dream, the dreamer is aware of dreaming and, to a certain extent, able to control what is happening. ‘Lucid dreaming’, as it is known, is where we are aware of dreaming: we are conscious, but still partly in the dream state. Therefore, even the strangest or unlikeliest of things may continue to seem normal.

There are various degrees of lucidity during a lucid dream, which can be intentionally heightened to achieve an OBE. However, in an actual OBE, the mind is fully awake, albeit our priorities may be slightly different from when we are in a waking state, because our perspective is broader. The separation we experience in this dimension gives us the clear perception that we are moving in a body similar to the physical body, yet different and not subject to the laws of the physical world.

These unique and moving experiences have continued, both spontaneously and intentionally, for the last 26 years. Time, experience and my reading and thinking on this subject have made me realise that the ‘places’ I visit during my astral projections are not so much ‘outside’ of my physical body, as the name might suggest, but are inner dimensions of my consciousness and spirit. This, however, remains a subject for further debate, since the concepts of ‘in’ and ‘out’ do not hold the same importance beyond the physical plane.

In other words, everything we see and touch while awake and in our ordinary state of consciousness has an internal and an external aspect here on the physical plane; but beyond this dimension, the concepts of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ cease to be important. Hence, any discussion of whether the astral plane is ‘outside’ the physical dimension—as if it were some kind of energy screen surrounding us—or ‘inside’ it—as if it were the outermost part of the spiritual nucleus that is our very essence—is purely theoretical and perhaps irrelevant.

William Buhlman, one of America’s leading experts on OBEs, has defined astral projection as an inward journey. For my part, this particular interpretation has released me from a number of fears, the first of these being the fear of staying ‘locked out’ of my body or seeing the silver cord between the astral body and the physical body break while I was still outside my physical vehicle.

Regardless of such speculations, the fact remains that, although I spent the first years of my explorations focusing on the closest plane to the physical dimension, it did not take long for the desire to visit my loved ones in the Afterlife to take over.

… I would like to emphasise one last time my opinion that astral travel is nothing more than a state of greater lucidity than a lucid dream, in which we are aware that we are dreaming. I would also like to emphasise that lucid dreaming can, if we so desire, be the launch pad to astral travel: if we are aware that we are dreaming and conscious of what is happening, we can choose to heighten our lucidity and move into an actual OBE.

Although it may seem superfluous at this stage, I would like to underline my total disagreement with scholars, practitioners and teachers of lucid dreaming like Charlie Morley who consider 99% of the entities met during a lucid dream to be dream characters (or DCs) —in other words, mere products of the dreaming mind. Although I agree with the broader concept that this life is like a dream from which we wake up and return to our wider reality when we die, I do not find this a valid reason to negate the absolute authenticity and individuality of the incarnate or discarnate spirits we might encounter in the waking state or in other modified states of consciousness such as dreams or OBEs.’

[Quoted from The Afterlife: Hereafter and Here at Hand]

The reason I do not usually encourage people to learn to astral travel is because, in out-of-body experiences, our mind is wide awake, and all our logical and rational filters are in place, whereas with lucid dreaming, the mind is somewhat ‘sedated’ and able to accept insights and ideas that may not make sense when awake but be full of meaning when we are asleep.

The reason I often refer to my out-of-body experiences when teaching how to reach out for our loved ones in the Afterlife is simply in order to provide practical evidence to back up the experiences that are within everyone’s grasp, through dreams, lucid dreams and meditation.



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How Spirit Contact Works


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As suggested in the article devoted to unlocking our dream memories, our deceased loved ones are not living somewhere up in the clouds. They are much closer than that, only a thought away: it is as if they were living in the room next door and the door is never locked. However, when we speak about the room next door we are just using a metaphor, as the spirit world is not bound by our physical notions of three-dimensional space and linear time.

Being free from linear time means that, when we die, our greatest desire is to reassure our loved ones that we are safe, healed, happy and above all alive, but this is not a pressing need as it would be, for instance, if we had escaped a disaster in a foreign country and did not have the means to let our family know we are OK. It is not the same as many near-death experiencers report the moment they are pronounced dead and suddenly realise that, even though they are feeling perfectly well, they are invisible to relatives and friends who keep focusing on their dead body. Once we realise we are truly dead we also find out that time is not an issue and we will be back with our loved ones in the blink of an eye.

Being free from the notion of three-dimensional space means that there are no distances, walls, fences or doors that can separate us in the spirit world: indeed on a number of occasions, during out-of-body experiences or dreams, I have met deceased relatives or friends in non-existent extra-rooms placed next to the one I was in, or in non-existent extra flats located on the same floor as the one we live in. This means that the non-physical plane can manifest in the form or extra rooms or buildings we are not usually aware of while awake on the physical plane.

This metaphor is also used by William Thomas Stead (1849–1912), an English newspaper editor, influential writer and medium who was among the victims of the Titanic disaster. Stead communicated many times after his death, notably in a number of sessions in which he described his death at sea and the nature of the Afterlife through the medium Pardoe Woodman, via automatic writing. These communications formed part of a book, The Blue Island: Experiences of a New Arrival Beyond the Veil (Hutchinson & Co., London, 1922). In his account, Stead says, ‘Death is only the doorway from one room to another, and both rooms are very similarly furnished and arranged.’

In fact, the room-next-door-metaphor is simply designed to help our earthly minds to figure out the complex notions we have just described and understand how we can practically coexist with our departed loved ones on the spirit plane, a plane we are all part of, incarnates and discarnates.

On the other hand, R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., who is president of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., and of the Center for Spiritual Understanding, Inc., devoted to helping people develop their spiritual understanding through Afterlife connections, remarks, ‘Receiving communications from those on the next planes of life is not like hearing someone speak to you from another room. When someone on this plane speaks to you, you receive the messages involuntarily; you can’t escape hearing the voice. In these efforts to have Afterlife connections, the messages are subliminal, and won’t be in audible voices at all. They will be in thoughts, impressions, feelings, and subtle knowing. You won’t receive them until you bring yourself into a state of mind in which you can let them into your consciousness.’

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D. is the author of Your Eternal Self (Greater Reality Publications, 2008), presenting the scientific evidence that the mind is not confined to the brain, the Afterlife is a reality, people’s minds are linked, and the mind affects the physical world. The Afterlife Research and Education Institute offers an online self-guided Afterlife connection training programme  ( designed to teach and train people how to obtain after-death communication without the aid of a medium, as well as connecting with people still in bodies unable to communicate. As the programme presentation says, ‘you will establish a new relationship or enhance an existing relationship with your loved one living in the realm next door.’

Something I found very helpful about this programme is the way it presents the mechanics of spirit contact, by using another example that efficiently explains how important it is to be aware of what it is we are seeking and also available to tune into the subtler planes of existence in order to hear from our deceased loved ones.

‘To understand what it’s like for them to try to communicate to you, try this little experiment. We know from the research done by Rupert Sheldrake and others that people do have a sense of being stared at. People subtly know when someone is looking at them. The next time you’re in a line of people waiting for something, pick someone close to you, ahead of you in line, who is not preoccupied and not next in line to get to the clerk. They’re just standing idly. Focus on their neck and imagine tickling them on the neck. After a few seconds, some people will turn around and look back, and even brush their necks. They don’t know why, though. The message came through to their minds at a very subtle or subconscious level, but they don’t get the clear message that you’re imagining tickling their necks. They won’t turn around and say, “Why are you imagining tickling my neck?” The message is there, because they respond to it, but it doesn’t rise to the level of their conscious awareness.

That’s what it’s like for your loved one trying to communicate with you. They can communicate through thoughts, mind to mind. They do focus on your mind and try to get a message through, but the subtle messages don’t rise to the level that we can become conscious of them. We’re just too preoccupied with life to quiet ourselves and let the thought message come up from the subconscious into our conscious mind.

At times, you’ll suddenly have a memory, perhaps something you hadn’t thought of for years. That’s your mind connecting with their mind. They’re thinking of that memory, or they’re focusing on you and sending that memory to you. Thank them for it and let the love you feel pour over you. It’s them communicating mind to mind.’

I find this example absolutely brilliant! It explains very well how frustrating it might feel, if our loved ones were not living out of our linear time, to try and connect with us when we are awake and focused on our everyday life. Mind-to-mind communication also happens between physically alive people, of course, between people whose bodies are able to communicate. However our loved ones in spirit have an advantage: they have none of our worries, physical restrictions or conditions, they are young, healthy and pain-free. Their disadvantage, on the other hand, could be having to do with our disbelief, our lack of expectation, a deep sense of grief and loss and, above all, few topics to share that we may comprehend with all our mental filters and scarcity- or fear-based daily concerns, which are so typical on this plane of existence.

Thousands of near-death experiencers have found how little our language can help to describe the blissful mystical knowings they are made aware of while temporarily dead. This means that, in most cases, all our loved ones can hope to share with us is the notion that they are safe, alive and watching over us, advice and guidance about how to handle our daily challenges and a sense of protection at difficult times. The good news is that this is all most of us would really hope to get from after-death communication. So let us try and step into our departed loved ones’ shoes and imagine how it feels to try and convey such messages to us while we are engaged in our daily activities. They focus on us conveying their love and reassurance, just like a person standing in a line of people and staring at somebody else, and all they obtain in response to this, most times, is triggering a memory that will possibly cause us to feel nostalgic. Let us just stop and think about it and of any past experiences in which this might have happened to us and we discarded the thought as a memory or fantasy.

For instance, you might have been shopping at a supermarket, wondering whether to bake a new cake because you have never felt good at cooking, and you suddenly hear the speaker on the radio suggest it is time to try out a new recipe which is sure to prove as delicious as grandma’s cake used to be. Is this a coincidence?

In my case, it has happened more than once that I was feeling down because I was desperately missing my grandmother, who used to be so sweet and caring, whereas now I felt lonely and unable to handle the idea of having to shoulder too many responsibilities… She was the only one who used to make me feel absolutely special… And, as I was parking my car in the street or driving along, I happened to notice that the car right in front of mine displayed the name in italics “Giulietta”, which was the nickname she always used for me as a child. Was this a coincidence?

An even more significant form of spirit contact is the case in which you may suddenly remember something you had not thought about for years, a happy memory connected to somebody very dear to you who has passed on. That old incident might have come to mind out of the blue and you realised you had not thought of it for a long, long time: this may actually be a mind-to-mind contact by that person who is thinking of you and of that special time.

These are all special opportunities to become aware that after-death communication does happen even when we are not expecting it. Can you imagine how it may feel for our loved ones on the other side if, instead of acknowledging the thoughts and feelings they are trying to convey, we simply shrug them off as a sign of weakness on our side, or as a pleasant memory of a time that is lost forever?

Once we are convinced that spirit contact is absolutely natural and only requires to be acknowledged with a sense of gratitude, we can consciously start thinking of ways of seeking guidance from our loved ones in a quiet meditative state. If they are so clever at getting through to us when we are busy with our daily multitasking, how more effective will the process be if we actively create the best conditions for it to take place?

For those who feel like trying the online self-guided Afterlife connection training programme (, which is also available with the aid of binaural beats, I recommend you carefully read through the conditions you must evaluate before going through the procedure.

5 Steps to Unlocking Your Dream Memories

How to remember your dreams

Over the years, I have heard several people complain that they “never dream” or that they find it really difficult to remember any dreams when they wake up in the morning. This is a pity! Not remembering dreams denies people one of the most frequent opportunities to hear from their departed loved ones, since it is when we are disconnected from the stimuli of our physical lives that we are most open to after death communication. On the other hand, it is quite natural for other people to remember their dreams. The luckiest seem to be those who get a chance to meet their loved ones in lucid dreams, that is in dreams when we are aware that we are dreaming. During a lucid dream, it is possible to consciously interact with the dream landscape and with our departed loved ones who might be visiting at the time.

So I decided it might be a good idea to write a post, based on my own personal experience, to provide some practical advice that may help those who appear to be struggling to remember their dreams and take advantage of this wonderful opening to connect with their inner selves and with the Afterlife, the amazing world that lies beyond this world.

First of all, I feel that it is very important to realise that everyone dreams: if we could not dream, we would probably die. Even though science has taken an interest in researching dreams only recently, with the birth of psychoanalysis, the invention of instruments that may detect and measure dream parameters (such as the electroencephalograph, which was first used in 1924) and the observation of Rapid Eye Movements occurring during REM sleep and related sleep cycles, I believe there is no question about the fact that humans have always wondered about the meaning that dreams carry and ascribed to them mysterious powers related to contacting the Divine or supernatural and/or non-physical entities.

I feel it is also worthwhile considering that we spend almost one-third of our physical lives sleeping, disconnected from most of our physical stimuli, in order to rest, heal, reset our vital functions, process our daily life experiences and any related hopes, fears and expectations, creating our future and much more. One-third of our physical lives represents a really large amount of time which, if better invested, might really offer us a lot of happiness.

Step 1 – If necessary, research the subject, acknowledge and become convinced that we all dream, even if we do not remember

With the exception of occasional or regular naps we may take during the day – when we are not as exhausted as we would be at the end of the day – the first dreams we have after falling asleep are usually brief and, practically speaking, more difficult to remember if we have just started training. It is much easier to work with the last dreams we have towards dawn. Indeed, the longest and most interesting dream tends to be the last one we have before waking up, when we have already rested for several hours and had a chance to process any concerns with our earlier dreams. This is even truer if we get a chance to sleep an extra hour and have no pressing engagements causing us to leap out of bed.

Even if we are sure that we are unable to remember our dreams, the important thing now is to set up a daily strategy aimed at regularly keeping track of any fleeting insights transpiring from a night’s sleep, even if we do not yet realise that this is possible.

All we need to devote to this programme is 1 or 2 minutes a day, as long as we commit to carry out this task regularly and in line with the rules we will have set for ourselves.

As with all new habits we try to form, this need not be an easy task to start with, despite the little time and effort it requires. In the beginning, it may actually feel like we are stepping out of our comfort zone, but do not worry: your efforts will be soon rewarded.

Step 2 – Commit to devote 1 or 2 minutes a day to your project, patiently and with perseverance

For the purpose of recording any dream-related memories, I recommend you use a tool you like, that is attractive and inviting, something that is a pleasure to use. For instance, I have always loved organisers for some reason, but somebody else may choose a notebook, a loose-leaf exercise book, a luxury writing pad, one’s mobile, tablet or iPad, or a voice recorder. I have a friend who is a professional painter and loves to create her own journals and notebooks, by using recycled paper, coloured cardboard and ribbons, which she personally decorates depending on the use they are meant for.

Step 3 – Choose a dream-catching tool that you like and find inviting

Once you have selected your recording tool, it is time to take action. We may choose to place our data gathering/processing tool in a strategic position that is within reach, together with a pen, pencil, or hi-tech pencil – if necessary – and get into the habit of writing down or recording every day something we might remember or simply have on our mind upon waking up. In the beginning, you may simply enter a few words to describe the mood you were in upon waking up, the feeling you had, a word or sentence you might have had in mind, a melody, a scent… anything you suspect you might have been even only vaguely aware of just before waking up. Recent studies have provided evidence that, during our sleep, our perception of time changes dramatically and a single instant may turn out to be the source of an amazing amount of memories.

Every single detail deserves to be reported in our case, so it is important not to neglect anything. The important thing at this stage is to realise how important this brief daily task is! In practice, what we are doing is training a muscle that is not being used yet and therefore only needs a little amount of daily exercise to gradually get fit for its job. When we join a gym, we know that, thanks to a regular commitment, we will eventually obtain our desired results. In this case, we are creating the same type of positive expectation, knowing for sure that the muscle we are exercising will become fit and healthy, and require increasingly less effort to work. Every memory you have upon waking up, even the most ephemeral, may in turn trigger another one. As we continue with our daily exercise and bring to light our nighttime experiences, our level of confidence and quickness of mind will increase dramatically. We will be excited to find out that certain dreams are in fact connected and possibly recurring, just waiting for us to become aware of them and lead to the next.

Step 4 – Take action

Now that we know that all we need to do is train and build a muscle with just 1 or 2 minutes of exercise a day, we will find it much easier to simply expect to remember our dreams and free these memories from the place in which they have been secluded all along. The positive expectation and confidence that will build up, in turn, will bring to the surface wonderfully vivid experiences, including unexpected meetings with our departed loved ones who find in dreams the easiest way to stay in touch with us. All we need to do, at this stage, is consolidate our routine, by creating, if we so desire, some kind of ritual that may strengthen our motivation, perseverance and dedication.

In my case, for instance, I love to wake up with a stimulating and fragrant cup of coffee, as I enjoy the blissful quietness I am entitled to as a natural early waker. However, there are countless factors that can make this time of your day unique and motivating, so that you may more easily focus on recollecting what you were experiencing a moment before waking up.

Step 5 – Create a routine

We will soon find out that, even though in the beginning our memory need not display constant performance levels, if we manage to write down or record at least a few words or insights each day, the volume of information we daily report will gradually start to increase and, depending on the time we wish or can make available for this task, we may reach the point of reporting several long dreams per night.

I would, therefore, like to encourage all those who hope for their departed loved ones to visit in their dreams to identify this muscle we are building as some kind of thread connecting our physical world to the world of disincarnates, two worlds that are only apparently separate. With a minimum daily practice, this thread will soon turn into a door that we can choose to leave open upon waking up, at least for the time required to report our dreams.

Like many other Afterlife researchers, I firmly believe this physical life is in fact just a dream compared to the greater, eternal life our spirit is always aware of. By consciously opening the door that leads into our dream life, we can find out for ourselves that the Afterlife is truly here at hand and that these few minutes of daily training can help us regain awareness about this fact. In other words, it is as if our loved ones were living in the room next door: the door is never locked and is literally flung open every time we dream. It is up to us to train so that it does not snap shut when we wake up and we can bring to light the wonderful awareness that death is an illusion and that we are always together.