About Me

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Owing to an inborn desire to research and experience the spiritual side of life and to an unshakable curiosity about all the mysterious aspects of life and what happens when we die, I have always devoted a great part of my free time to researching the Afterlife, as well as any circumstances that may allow people who are “physically” alive to connect with their loved ones on the so-called other side.

Thanks to my mixed heritage – Italian, British and Czech – my job as a secretary and later as a translator has always centred on interpersonal communication, with an emphasis on helping people to understand one another.

Ever since 1993, I had the honour of getting to know professional mediums in England, both at SAGB (Spiritualist Association of Great Britain) and at SNU (Spiritualist National Union) and, over a three-year period, I worked as a translator in events organised at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK, as well as in similar events organised in Italy.

This was a unique opportunity for me to learn first-hand how professional mediumship works, since, in order to accomplish my specific assignments, I attended several hundreds of readings, along with public demonstrations of mediumship, lectures and workshops on the topic.

In those years, most of the people attending these events were bereaved and seeking evidence of survival of their loved ones, as a result of which I developed a specific interest in grief and bereavement support. I have since devoted a substantial part of my free time to researching the subject and comforting the bereaved, irrespective of their cultural or religious backgrounds.

In my quest, I got to know wonderful people and organisations both in Italy and abroad, offering bereaved people information and assistance, as well as sharing my own desire to make sense of life by understanding life after death, or rather life beyond death. Among these are “La Pagina degli Amputati” and “Friends Along the Road”.

Thanks to my occasionally unwelcome natural propensity to astral travel, over the last 25 years I have had the opportunity to personally meet with my loved ones on the other side. Also, by researching 19th- and 20th-century mediumistic accounts received in deep trance by often illiterate but gifted mediums, I have found amazing similarities between these accounts and those provided by Near-Death Experiencers.

I have published two books in Italian so far (both in 2014, a very critical year for me), and I am about to launch the English version of my first book (to be released on 5 June, 2017).

My books and articles are all aimed at sharing with others the understanding I have grasped over the years about this physical life only being a temporary and illusory experience of separation, and about death being a final reawakening in our Eternal Home, where our loved ones are fully alive and healthy, always watching over us and only a thought away from us as we struggle with our daily challenges.