Reincarnation: A New Comforting Perspective

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Conforto e sollievo da un concetto spesso ambiguo. Storia di un pesce rosso

We do not have to be reborn—at least, not in the traditional sense.

This is the message the author wishes to share with readers through the humble eyes of a goldfish in a bowl.

Like her previous work on communicating with the so-called ‘departed’, this book is the result of the author’s deep introspection and is based on her personal experience as an astral traveller and a mediumship and Afterlife researcher.

The author’s intention is also to reassure anyone who has lost a loved one that death does not exist, and that the notion of multiple lives, so often misunderstood, cannot separate us. We are not all robots placed unwillingly in an overpowering and overcomplex system of life, death and rebirth that is beyond our control. We never really lose the people dear to us, not even in our darkest moments.

The man we meet in this book is a heroic and powerful spirit of light who has chosen to go through the temporary and apparently restrictive experience of earthly life in order to make a brave and selfless contribution to the great spiritual design we are all part of.

Once again, the author tries to demonstrate, with examples taken from everyday life, that the spirit world is in fact our world, and that we all have a mission in life, one we choose beyond space and time, which guides us every day and always, even through the circumstances and with the people that seem to cross our paths by chance.

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Note: This book is only available in Italian.

La verità sulla reincarnazione: Conforto e sollievo da un concetto spesso ambiguo. Storia di un pesce rosso (Serie: Fra cielo e terra – Vol. 2) – Note: This book is only available in Italian.

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